Get to Know Me

My name is Alexandra Novikov, but I prefer to be called Sasha. I was born in the San Fernando Valley in the Los Angeles County. This year I  will celebrate my 26th birthday, and am currently living in Sacramento, California. I hold an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts from Cabrillo City College in Santa Cruz County, and I graduated from UC Davis this past summer holding a Bachelors in American Studies and Professional Writing. My writing style varies, and is malleable depending on the publication or situation for which I am asked to write. Editing and writing are my passions, and in my short time being alive I’ve realized that if you stick to what you know, eventually your skills will pay off. I hope that’s true. I am currently working for a small start up social media marketing firm called, Creatine Marketing. I am the go-to blogger, content author and editor, press release/newsletter writer and grammar policewoman. I love the flexibility I am granted in my writing, and hope to continue working on engaging, time-appropriate articles. While most of my work highlights social media networking triumphs, I attempt to incorporate current events and opinions in order to engage my readers. I understand that the Internet, while insightful and informative, can be a hub of monotony and an overwhelming collection of outdated and repetitive information– I am working to the best of my ability to avoid that in my writing.

Creatine Blog:

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