Social Media Food Chain, Where Do you Rank? | Social Media Concepts

The Social Media Food Chain, Where do You Rank? | Social Media Concepts Whether you use social media for business or for personal networking, its not difficult to point out the various categories of sharing and place your friends and business partners into those categories. A social media profile is never far removed from the personality of the individual who created it.

Many people use their Facebook wall as a diary, sharing the most personal of content, while other users create a more discrete online persona, sharing  weekly or monthly highlights. There are those who only post negative opinions, and those who post information so random and irrelevant that you consider removing them from your feed completely.

Working in the social media industry, you see it all. The gurus and experts who enlighten, motivate, and inspire; the popular posters who receive the most retweets, likes, and follows; the over-sharers who update their friends before, during, and after every single experience; the noobs who must’ve just discovered the Internet but are committed in their efforts to impress and build a following; and the trolls who dedicate a majority of their day to sharing their defeatist attitudes, whining, or posting harmful and judgmental remarks on forums and in comment sections.

Follow along with us as we break down the social media food chain and find out where you, your friends, family, and coworkers rank. Discover whether or not it’s time for you to readjust your social media personality.

The Social Media Food Chain, Where do You Rank? | Social Media Concepts The Guru |

At the top of the food chain, we have the social media guru. This user is always staying on top of popular trends, keeping his or her followers engaged, up to date, and entertained. He or she uses social media effectively to stay relevant on all social sites and posts a variety of interesting information, balanced out by personal news and humorous videos or photos. These trendsetters know where to hunt down hot topics before any one else seems to find them and they share valuable tips and articles. The gurus understand that sharing too much can frustrate their friends, so they are choosy with their posting. You will never see a status update about his or her failing love life, or other far-too-personal-for-social-media post.

The Social Media Food Chain, Where do You Rank? | Social Media Concepts

The Popular Poster |

The popular poster occupies the next rung on the ladder. For whatever reason, this digital socialite has bazillions of followers on Twitter and hundreds of friends on Facebook. Do they know all of these people personally? Probably not. But that is irrelevant to this friend collector. A majority of the time, the content they post is regurgitated, or borrowed from someone else.  When the information is original, it is probably about their adorable kitten, their food, or their margarita− whatever will yield the most “likes” or retweets. But hey, at least it’s interesting!

The Over-Sharers |

The Social Media Food Chain, Where do You Rank? | Social Media Concepts

We all have these friends in our networks. The ones who check-in at every single location they visit, Instagram each meal, tweet any thought that enters their mind, and post the most intimate details of their lives. If you’re failing to pin point this person in your life− there is a good chance you are the one who is guilty of being an over-sharer. This goes out to all the dog owners who post each time their pup rolls over; to all the teenagers gushing about a new crush and updating us on each on-again-off-again catastrophe; and to the hypochondriacs who ask for advice about every symptom (try WebMD, people) − please employ your internal filter next time you have an overwhelming need to fill us in on the uncomfortably personal events of your life that should be reserved exclusively for your private diary.

The Noob |

What is this Facebook thing? I don’t understand hashtags. How do you use that Twitter? I want to learn how to “twiddle.” Those are the exact words I heard out of the mouth of a close friend last week. It isn’t always easy for those who have been detached from the networking world to dive in headfirst.

The Social Media Food Chain, Where do You Rank? | Social Media Concepts

The noob is a user who has finally succumbed to peer pressure and established a profile on a few of the major social media networks.But when you arrive to their page, they have no followers or friends, have posted once, and haven’t quite figured out how to set a profile picture.He or she always has questions about how to tag a friend in a photo, and they have trouble understanding why #makingupthelongesthashtagever just isn’t the best hashtag strategy.

The Troll |

The Social Media Food Chain, Where do You Rank? | Social Media Concepts

When I think of a troll, I imagine a lonely, grumpy, hunched over little creature living beneath a bridge, guarding the passage way, and scaring off those who wish to cross by screaming, taunting, or pestering them. Coincidentally, an Internet troll isn’t far removed from the age-old fictional character− only they are hunched over a keyboard, monitoring forums and blogs instead of bridges, and pestering anyone, with any opinion, anywhere. These people can be judgmental, intolerant, and somewhat narcissistic. Trolls tend to complain about trivial things and have trademarked the “woe is me” attitude.

The best social media management comes from a place of balance and respect for others− just like managing relationships in the real world. We all love to share our milestones with loved ones and there are days that we feel rage when someone cuts us off on the highway− but rather than turning to Facebook for a quick rant, call up a good friend instead.

Sharing vacation photos, news about huge life events, hilarious memes, videos, and articles or keeping your followers up-to-date on news that you find interesting is a wonderful use of social media. But on the other hand, it’s your network, your friends, and your life− so be free to post, repost, and post again come Throwback Thursday.


By Sasha Novikov | Creatine Marketing

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