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Creatine Marketing Newsletter | July 2013

Creatine Marketing Newsletter | July 2013

This month I used a different software but with a similar HTML code that I borrowed from the newsletter I created using Mail Chimp. The collage of photos used with the first article are a collection of my Instagrams. Also, the image on the bottom of the little people is from an infographic I created for my company.

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Do Videos on Social Networking Platforms mean TV Style Advertising?

Do Videos on Social Networking Platforms mean TV Style Advertising?Since the Facebook-owned application,Instagram, introduced the video feature to it’s users a few weeks ago—there has been one question on my mind: How long will it be until we begin to see television-like commercials and ads on our social feeds?

With the new addition of video recording, Instagram latched onto the coat tails of the video app Vine, and catapulted itself into first place. But the competitive drive is still in the air, and with this resurgent popularity of video sharing online, (which isn’t really a new development, but rather a new conversation about an existing technology) it is obvious that if companies use this opportunity to do a little video marketing, they can tap into a potentially huge new advertising revenue stream.

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom is consistently repeating that the application is all about the users, but with the burgeoning new trends in social media marketing and the use of Instagram for branding and product highlighting, it is clear that this update provides a marketing advantage to business owners using the app.

Do Videos on Social Networking Platforms mean TV Style Advertising?

Systrom was interviewed after the event announcing the video feature’s addition, and he believes that the near-term opportunities for brands to use the video feature would be similar to how they’re using Instagram photos currently—which is to capture moments at events that build on the brand’s image. And of course, Instagram is also used to snap shots of products, services, employees, customer testimonials, and more.

The CEO believes that video will just be an extension of this process, but as an avid Instagram user, my biggest fear is that perhaps companies will take advantage of the new feature in order to bring us a series of disruptive, unoriginal, and irrelevant commercials like the ones we are annoyed by on cable television—which is a primary reason that many Americans have switched to streaming their shows using services like Netflix or Hulu+.

Of course, this may only become frustrating for users who actually “follow” brands on their social networks, but of the 130 million people using Instagram, it is safe to assume that many are following their favorite celebrities and companies—patiently awaiting the next opportunity for gossip or discounts.

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Every mat has a story to tell. #justmymat

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Minutes after video on Instagram was announced, Lululemon released the commercial above, and while creative and engaging− it is just he beginning of what is to come. It is no accident that Facebook designed Instagram’s new video feature to allow users to record for 15 seconds; that is exactly the same length as most television commercials.

But I have two view points in mind that are battling it out for dominance, and while one has spawned out of my demand for social network purity—free of tracking cookies and targeted advertising— the other stems from my experience working as a social media marketer.

Online video marketing is a phenomenal resource for small businesses because most of them cannot afford flashy commercials that play in 15-minute intervals on major television networks. Setting up accounts on YouTube, Instagram, and Vine takes approximately ten minutes and then you can begin to record personal product pitches, or shoot a video of your pet boutique’s grand opening, or even make a short movie that highlights the efficiency of your carpet cleaning service.

Many major corporations like Burberry are already using the video feature to share behind the scenes footage of their fashion shows—and I believe this is actually a fantastic use of the app’s addition. Because the company’s fans are engaged on Instagram, the more intimate of the social networks, Burberry has a chance to connect on a more direct level, and the people have access to the human side of the company—which enhances a consumer’s perception of the brand’s authenticity.

The Instagram leaders recognize the natural business opportunity inherent to the simplicity and versatility of the video feature, however for the time being they are encouraging brands to interact with their customers organically, rather than allowing market-directed ads, like the ones we see on Facebook.

I take that as a good sign; spontaneity and honesty are fundamental to the nature of Instagram. Businesses have a chance to showcase the candid and genuine elements of their brand. And if you’re a small business owner, that is what social media should be about—reaching out to the public, sans pretense and ulterior motivation. Let’s just hope that the Instagram team and community continue to agree, because I am not quite ready to give up my favorite social networking platform to the advertisers just yet!

What is your opinion on the potential of seeing television style adveritisng on Facbeook and Instagram? 

By Sasha Novikov | Creatine Marketing


Introducing Video on Instagram from Instagram on Vimeo.

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Calendar of Social Media, Tech, & B2B Marketing Events

School may be out for the summer, but for marketers and businesspeople, class is still in session. The next couple of months are a perfect time to catch up on the latest trends and technologies, and to acquire some new tools for social media marketing. Perhaps you will even have the chance to visit some very exciting cities while attending these B2B marketing events!

During the summer months, while others may be resting, it’s a wonderful time to get serious about growing your social media presence, blog engagement, or website following. If you are using social media for business, you should seriously consider attending at least one of these conferences!

For local Sacramentans, the Metro Chamber of Commerce always offers some fantastic business mixers and workshops. If you are looking to travel, the events marked in green take place all across the nation.

Take the time to expand your network by meeting with others who work in, and understand your industry. Learn something interesting, secure new resources, and perhaps even embark on an exciting business endeavor.

social media for business,tools for social media marketing,B2B marketing events

The 7th International AAAI Conference on Weblogs & Social Media | July 2013, Boston, MA

The ICWSM is a unique forum that brings together researchers working at the nexus of computer science and the social sciences, with work drawing upon network science, machine learning, computational linguistics, sociology and communication. The broad goal of ICWSM is to increase understanding of social media in all its incarnations.

For more details, click here.


eWomenNetwork “Accelerated Networking Dinner” | Tuesday, July 9 6:30p to 9:30p

Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Sacramento in Sacramento, CA

“The Productive Entrepreneur: Boost Your Productivity to be a More Successful Business Owner”

Do you have organizing and productivity challenges that you deal with on a daily basis in business and in life? Productivity expert, Lisa Montanaro, provides solutions to real-life productivity problems.

For more details, click here.


Suits and Slippers | Thursday, July 11 7:00a to 9:00a | Market Square at Arden Fair

It’s time for the breakfast event of the year. Join event co-chairs, Councilmembers Steve Hansen and Allen Warren for cereal, slippers, and early morning fun. Don’t miss the celebrity cereal eating contest and stick around for the silent auction items. All that and awards for best slippers, too! Proceeds benefit the Roberts Family Development Center.

For more details, click here.


Metro Chamber Power Lunch: Hawks Restaurant | July 12 Noon to 1:30p

The Metro Chamber Power Lunch series provides you an opportunity to maximize your business connections within the Metro Chamber membership. We want to help you expand your network. Bring plenty of business cards, and be prepared to tell others why they should refer business to you.

For details about the menu, the cost, and registration click here.

For information about the Metro Chamber Orientation, follow this link.


Business Builder Workshop : How to do Business with the County of Sacramento | July 18, 12p to 1:30p

This workshop promotes and enhances the utilization of local and small business enterprises in the County’s procurement and contracting processes. The workshop is designed to provide procedural assistance and contracting information to any firm wishing to do business with the county.

For more details, click here.


Marketing…it’s EZPZ | July 22 9a-4p |Hilton Sac. Arden West

Part of the SacAfWPi Annual Conference and Trade Show—in conjunction with Sacramento NACE (National Association of Catering and Events) and SHIPs (Sacramento Hospitality Industry Professionals).

If marketing is one of those things that mystifies and scares you just a little, or if you believe it is too difficult to figure out and you’d rather be focusing on your business, then this event is for you. We will have some speakers to are going to show you that #Marketing is #EZPZ.

For more details, click here, or find the Facebook Event Information, here.


Silicon Valley Innovation Summit | July 23 & 24 | Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA

The Silicon Valley Innovation Summit is the premier annual gathering of the brightest minds and top entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate players in the Global Silicon Valley. The Innovation Summit has featured dozens of breakout companies before they became household names, including Pixar, Google,, Skype, MySQL, YouTube, Tesla, Facebook, and Twitter. This two day exclusive event treats attendees to a high-level debate and discourse on top trends and opportunities in the booming digital media, entertainment, on-demand and cloud computing sectors. The Innovation Summit is produced in an intimate and social setting, where participants can easily meet up, socially network, and make deals happen.

For more details, click here.


Business Mixer: California Automobile Museum | July 25 5:30p to 7:00p

Join the Metro Chamber at our monthly business mixer. You’ll develop new business contacts while you mingle with community and business leaders, as well as fellow business associates. Great raffle prizes are given away at each mixer.

For more details, click here.


Inbound Marketing Summit | July 30 & 31

Inbound Marketing Summit (IMS) is the one event that brings together CMOs, business leaders, agency execs and their teams, awesome keynotes, expert panels, plus solutions providers and their tools, all in a dynamic, community-based setting.  Learn about the latest in social business, content marketing, big data, mobile technologies and more.

For more details, click here.


Sacramento Video Industry Professionals Monthly Meeting | July 31 7pm to 9pm

The event takes place at Studio 50 in Mather, CA. The Sacramento Video Industry Professionals (VIP’s) meet monthly to explore new technology, promote learning & collaboration, & encourage professional growth. We study ADOBE, APPLE, & AVID but we strive to enhance our knowledge of ALL media processes, production gear, & industry trends.

For more details, click here.


By Sasha Novikov | Creatine Marketing

Google Reader is Gone, What will Replace it? | Social Business News

Google Reader is Gone, What will Replace it? | Social Business NewsAs of today, Google Reader is no longer. But luckily, competing RSS services have developed platforms designed to ease the transition for former Reader users.

What is RSS you ask? Rich Site Summary, or RSS, is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Many news sites, blogs, and other online publications syndicate their content as an RSS feed in an attempt to deliver immediate updates to those who subscribe to their outlet.

RSS can be a wonderful resource for readers who regularly use the web to stay informed, because the feed provides an orgnazed and convenient way to view the latest content, and current social news. By downloading an RSS reader and adding the sites you frequent most, you can save an immense amount of time because the you does not have to visit each site individually.

Google Reader is Gone, What will Replace it? | Social Business News

Google Reader has been a particularly popular arena for keeping tabs on dozens of social, business, and news websites, and now millions of readers are hoping to find a replacement service.

Fortunately, there are several comparable alternatives to help people track updates from all kinds of websites relating to their jobs, hobbies, or other personal interests. My three favorite are Feedly, Newsblur, and Pulse.

These platforms allow Google Reader users to transfer their feeds over effortlessly by logging in with their Gmail username and password. It is also simple to add new sources to your feeds.

Google Reader is Gone, What will Replace it? | Social Business News

  • Feedly is by far the most popular Google Reader alternative. It has a clean, beautiful interface that you can tweak to work almost exactly like the Google Reader. Its search tool is very effective: you can type in a blog name, a URL or even a topic and get a list of feeds to choose from.

Once you install the Feedly app on your Chrome or Safari browser, it will display a small, transparent button in the lower right corner of your desktop screen. Whenever you browse to a new site that you want to add to your Feedly account, just click that button and it will prompt you to add that site.

Google Reader is Gone, What will Replace it? | Social Business News

  • Newsblur feels a bit more like a desktop reader. You can see stories on the original site, create categories and tags that help highlight the stories you want most, and even create a “blurblog” of all your favorite stories for others to check out.
  • If you’re more of a visual person, Pulse maybe the perfect platform for you. It features a beautiful photo-grid style layout with live tiles that change as new articles are posted to the websites you follow. The site is somewhat reminiscent of the way Pinterest looks because it is almost exclusively image driven. You click on an image, the article expands in front of your eyes and you are able to read a short summary of the article and then decide whether to follow a link to the original piece. Pulse also offers a very effective search tool for finding and adding other feeds. You can organize feeds into categories, and it’s easy to mark the ones you’ve read or the ones you want to save for later.

Google Reader is Gone, What will Replace it? | Social Business News

I wish you luck in finding a new reader platform! While there are plenty more, these are a few of the most popular, and the ones I’d recommend checking out first. If you are ready to give up on RSS feeds altogether, you can follow all of your favorite sites, blogs, and news outlets on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. Whatever your social content management needs, you’re sure to find something out there that works for you!


By Sasha Novikov | Creatine Marketing

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