Creatine Marketing Newsletter | May 2013 Issue

Creatine Marketing Newsletter | May 2013 Issue

Creating May’s newsletter was an easier process. I found a wonderful template online that I felt was clean, efficient, and simple. While this is still an evolving process, I am happier with this month’s issue than the last two that i’ve completed. The learning experience has been enlightening– for some reason when taking on this project, I thought it would be easy to create the newsletter, it would only take me a day I said. I was wrong.

But with practice and experience using all of the various languages, from HTML to Java to the long acronym one that starts with WSY…. the process is becoming less daunting. Perhaps next month’s will be even better.

Oh, and if you happen to be reading this and live (or know someone who lives) in the Sacramento area, Creatine Marketing is hiring social media interns, graphic design interns, and probably sales people. If you have experience and are not a student, but still need work, I would still apply!


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